Our professional instructors offer traditional and non-traditional methods of teaching music. Our goal is to get you playing songs as quickly as possible on the instrument of your choice.                                      Do to COVID SAFETY our teachers are teaching ONLINE VIRTUAL with distance learning.  Better than U-TUBE because your teacher is watching and encouraging to maximize your correct technique. 

Your voice may be your gift. We can help you develop your potential with vocal coaching.


Am I too old to play an instrument?

Science has proven that learning an instrument enhances concentration, memory, and dexterity. And it is possible to improve lung function with a wind instrument. As an example, a 79 year old gentleman learned to play the trumpet for his 80th birthday party.

At what age can my child start lessons?

MOST IMPORTANTLY, your child must WANT to play the instrument and be able to pay attention for 30 minutes. Generally we say 4 years for drums, 5 years for piano/keyboards and violins, 7-8 for guitar depending on hand development. For children younger than 4, a ukelele with parental instruction can encourage the desire to play music.


All lessons are 30 minute one to one private instruction in virtual learning by Facetime or computer. 60 minute lessons are available on request.  You set 4 weeks of lessons for the same day and time each week. You pay for all 4 lessons in advance at time of booking or your first lesson.


Marathon Music Center offers our students the opportunity to play with a live professional band with the songs they have accomplished.  Some events are in the store, others are at an offsite venue. Not everyone wants to be on stage.  But some of us love the energy of playing with other musicians.  Let your instructor know if this is part of YOUR DREAM.            DUE TO SOCIAL DISTANCING THIS PROGRAM IS ON HOLD.  WE LOOK FORWARD TO WHEN WE CAN RESUME!